Past Portfolio Reviews at the BDC

The BDC Portfolio Review was a fantastic experience for me as an aspiring photographer. I showed my still images and multimedia projects to five experienced editors and got invaluable feedback from them. Presenting work, listening to each reviewer’s critique and digesting the feedback in 20 minutes can be intense and tough, but the reviewers were very nice, generous and willing to help. They not only provided insights on visual editing, but also discuss with me how to carry on with my ongoing project. It was also a great opportunity to practice presenting my work and to learn what the editors look for in a story pitch. The wonderful BDC staff made the whole event very organized throughout the day. The bonus was after the review we all hang out with editors and other photographers in BDC’s backyard drinking beer and barbecuing. [Photographer from the 2014 Review]        



Ivar Dameron, former Photo Editor at The Daily Beast, meets with a participant during the 2014 Review. © Edwin Torres


My experience at BDC’s 2013 portfolio review was valuable to me because as a photographer from a small, local paper I was looking to find out if my work was enough to make it to the national/international stage… Having no other connections in the city, I walked away from the review with a few in my pocket and the confidence and knowledge on how to use them. In many ways the BDC’s 2013 review was a huge stepping stone for me. [Photographer from the 2013 Review]      



Michael Kamber, founder of the Bronx Documentary Center, assists a participant with sequencing her work. © Edwin Torres


As an ambitious, amateur photographer with very little experience sharing my work beyond my small circle of family and friends, I have been eager to move up to the next level of reviewing. The Bronx Documentary Center’s Portfolio Review has been the perfect venue! Having attended it for two consecutive years, it is a remarkable opportunity for advanced amateurs and up-and-coming photographers to meet and receive the honest, critical feedback of professional editors. To network and learn from these talented editors as well as other photographers in such an intimate, friendly environment is an opportunity that should not be missed!  I can’t wait to attend next year’s BDC’s Portfolio Review. [Photographer from the 2013 and 2014 Reviews]



Photographers share work with each other between reviews. © Edwin Torres


It’s always helpful to have a fresh set of eyes take a look at your work, and when those eyes belong to some of the best photo editors in New York, you will certainly feel like you got your money’s worth. You will walk away from each conversation with new insights into your portfolio, and with ideas about what steps you might next want to take with the work. You will be challenged, inspired, and at the end of the review, utterly exhausted. [Photographer from the 2014 Review]         


Photographers from the 2015 review! © Rodrigo Cañedo-Gattegno